Destin Harbor

2+ Acres for Sale

Panoramic views of the beautiful Destin Harbor! Suitable for upscale condominium development or 5-7 estate waterfront homes.
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  • 2+ Acres
  • 385' Bulkhead
  • Paved Access Road
  • Cleared and Leveled
  • Bulkhead Will Accommodate Docking for 12-15 Boats

    Additionally available -- Condo Plans for a 39 Unit Development.

    Sale Price - $1,950,000

    Contact Information:

    Justin Jones or Julie Fulton

    JMJ Realty Services, Inc.
    892 Highway 98 E., Unit 107
    Destin, FL 32541

    Phone: (850)654-5495
    Toll Free: (800)352-6282
    Fax: (850)654-5065

    Email: jmj@flacondo.com

    Please mention "Waterview Properties" when responding


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